Wall Plate Mounting Bracket, Low Voltage, Single Gang 3031-11110

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Wall Plate Mounting Bracket, Low Voltage, Single Gang


 Product Description

This single gang mounting bracket is designed for use in homes and/or offices. Designed for use with face plates for low voltage installations such as networking, Home Theater, or other similar audio/video applications. To install cut a rectangular hole in the dry wall/wall surface which is approximately the width and height of the raised rectangle on the back. A correctly sized hole will have the outer portion of the mount backed by the wall, so that it does not push through. One then backs up on the flap screws enough so that they clear the dry wall upon insertion. Once inserted you tighten the screws back down, making sure the flaps swing outward, until the mounting bracket is snugly against the wall. Now you have a mount to which to screw your wall plate to. The mounting wings adjust to fit 1/4 inch to 1 inch thick drywall.