USB-C OTG Adapter, USB-C Male to USB-A Female, USB 3.0 / 5Gbit, 6 inch

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USB-C OTG Adapter, Connect devices to phone/tablet


Connect your camera to your phone for posting pictures online while out in the real world. Use your phone or tablet like a computer with a keyboard and/or mouse. Offload your phone data to USB thumb drive or external USB hard drive. These are just a few examples of what this part can do.

USB On The Go (OTG) allows one to connect standard USB devices to an OTG-compatible phone or tablet in the same manner as one does with a laptop or computer. This particular OTG adapter uses the new reversible USB-C male connector on the phone/tablet side and provides the well known rectangular USB A female you are used to seeing on your computer/laptop. The device allows for the full USB 3.0 data rate of 5 megabits/second ensuring fast data transfers when needed.