500ft Speaker Cable, White, Pure Copper, CM / In-wall rated, 16/4 (16 AWG 4 Conductor) Pullbox 10G2-491SF

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Speaker Cable, White, Pure Copper, CM / In-wall rated, 16/4 (16 AWG 4 Conductor), 65 Strand / 0.16mm, Pullbox, 500 foot


Product Description

Our 16/4 bulk 500-foot white CM/CL2 speaker cable comes in a convenient pullbox that allows for easy storage of the cable as well as easy dispensing. It is constructed from stranded 16 AWG (American wire gauge) copper and is insulated with a high-caliber PVC jacket with an average thickness of 0.88 mm. The outer jacket helps to promote and protect the flexibility of the internal wire strands. Although this cable is rated for in-wall use, it is not necessary to use it strictly in-wall.

This premium grade speaker cable is ideal when establishing a solid connection between the speakers in your home theater or house to your receiver. Each conductor (wire) is composed of 65 0.16 mm copper strands - our speaker wire is made from pure copper. Copper has an excellent reputation and is known for its superior conductivity and performance in cables and wires - it also provides optimal conductivity and low resistance. This results in the delivery of high-quality audio to your speakers.

This white speaker wire's conductor is constructed from "oxygen free copper" - this means that there is no iron oxide in the wire. When iron oxide is present, the conductivity of the wire is reduced due to the higher resistance of the iron oxide. Our speaker wire is made of 100 percent "oxygen free copper" and contains no iron oxide. This further ensures premium sound and conductivity that will not disappoint.

In addition, some companies claim incorrectly that "copper clad aluminum" is the same quality as pure copper and will result in a similar quality of sound in their speaker wires. However, the resistance (Ohms) between "pure copper" and "copper clad aluminum" differ. The result is that sound will be lower and can lose some of its quality.

Our quality stranded copper speaker wire will offer years of quality use and performance.